The concept we offer isn't new , car enthusiasts have been working away in little garages all over the world building their own creations for decades . Hot Rodding in America , primarily ,  started in the late 1920's through the 30's and 40's into , arguably ,  its heyday's of the 50's and 60's and continues to be a huge industry to this day ...The U.K. arrived to the Hot Rod scene a little later and also still has a large following in Europe. But alongside the Hot Rods another style of home-build was proving popular here and in the USA....

. 'Special' bodied sports and racing cars were being built in the pre-war years and grew from strength to strength up into the 70's and 80's when increasing legislation , amongst other factors , started to slow the interest in kit cars and such on a 'man in his shed' level......This is where Formosa joins the story , I saw some of these Special bodied cars , as well as replica's of more exotic sports cars of the 1950's , notably the range of racing Ferrari's , Maserati's and little Porsches from around 1951-1960 and immediately wanted something similar .... These original cars are now making 7 figure sums , even 8 figures regularly , so that was obviously out of the question . The replica bodies were also too expensive for my pocket and the old original fibreglass bodies from the first wave of offerings were rarely available and often in very poor condition.
The only option open to me was to create something myself .... My first example of this proved to be ok ..built very cheaply , no doors , boot etc. simple flip front , no inner structure and I did build a few and sold some bodies to home builders .....but something was missing , I loved the little car but it wasn't truly what I had wanted to create , I started again .
This time I was very fortunate to have the help and guidance of an ex-pattern maker and laminator who had just retired from Sunseeker Super-yachts and also had a background in creating fibreglass race cars and Hot Rods . A man by the name of Glan Richards (GR). Together over a period of approx 10 months we shaped and created a bodyshell that had all the features I liked from various cars of that bygone era but the design didn't lean heavily or replicate any particular marque or model , thereby avoiding all the copyright and patent issues that replicators can have problems with . A stand alone car that was immediately recognisable as a 1950's race car .... 

The FORMOSA 120 GR was born .

In the same way that builders of old chose to use existing donor chassis and running gear from the classic marketplace , I chose to do the same. The use of an unaltered , stock chassis and drivetrain , sidesteps a lot of the legislation that has strangled home-build projects in recent years , namely the stringent and expensive IVA system now in place for modified cars ... By retaining the majority of the donor , minus bodyshell , we can retain the cars classic status , reg. no. , vin no. etc... for me this was vital . The car is easier to build and keeps its genuinely vintage character , not bowing to modern lighting and emission requirements etc... Still a true classic car just wearing a different coat !
Our new bodyshell is simply fitted to the existing donor chassis using an internal space frame augmentation to support the new panels and a range of accessories are available to complete your build ... Obviously being a custom build you aren't limited to using our parts or style of build ...customers can build their car , their way.

The donors we have chosen to use are Triumph Herald or Vitesse and Reliant Scimitar SE5 or SE5A ( Please note;- The SE6 isn't a suitable donor ). Other donors are possible , particularly older kit cars that are Triumph based etc. but we have retained a fairly narrow track on our cars as many of the originals were and some more modern donors may have too wide a track.


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